“The people who are converted by the pure truth of My teaching are like the oaks and cedars. False teachers and prophets can play their wind game a thousandfold on them but they will not bend, for the power of the inner truth is mightier than all other powers on the whole Earth. The one among you who will accept this as the basic principle when he spreads My teaching will truly be like the sower who sowed his wheat only in the good field, receiving soon after that a hundredfold harvest. But the one who will not, or less, observe this basic principle of the teaching will sow his wheat on roads and streets, on stones and rocks and between thorns and thistles, and will only receive a bad harvest from his work and efforts.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 25, chp 3:5-6)

Monday, December 20, 2010

About the encounter with the New Revelation

 "The link from where I gathered my books is http://www.franky1.com/ and the materials published in His New Words. I have all the books included in this link. I have them book bound for my use.

In the first page of the GGJ (Great Gospel of John) it says: “Let Yourself Be Instructed by Jesus Christ Himself.” As I was reading these books I had the feeling that I was sitting in the midst of Jesus’ disciples and everyday I was learning what he was teaching. When he commanded his disciples to go, I also decided to go after I have discovered that I have also the gift of healing [...]. His giving me the gift was a clear manifestation that He wanted me to do what He commanded his disciples. I don’t think
He gave me such gift without a purpose. I am very very positive about that. Consider this: as I am writing this a mother and her daughter were complaining of severe headache (mother) and intense fever (daughter). They sent me a text message informing me about this. I text back to the mother to lay her hand on the daughter and her other hand on herself and to invoke the name of Jesus at the same time with me. In less than two minutes the mother and daughter text me that they have been cured. How will we consider this? Do you think Jesus was just joking in bestowing such gift to his insignificant learner? I have not forgotten though that I still have many things to learn from him. That is the reason I am reading the books repeatedly.

I’ve read also the HHG (Household of God) and several other writings of Lorber from the same source. I have not seen, though, the whole NR. Of the 25 books of GGJ under the above mentioned link only three more books namely book 14, 15 and 16 and the HHG vol 3 have not yet been published.

It has not come to my mind to make a video testimony of this work. My mind is focused on reaching as many people I can reach during the remaining time of my life." (December 2010)

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